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24Professionals and homeowners prefer the low maintenance home siding made of vinyl over wood, fiber cement, brick or stucco.  With its affordability, 40 color options, outstanding durability and lifetime warranty, it’s no mystery as to why Mastic is the favorite choice for siding.

Want the look of wood on your home?  Mastic can achieve that with their Cedar Discovery panel.  It looks very authentic, but it’s much easier to maintain and will save your bank account!

Energy Efficiency your main concern?  You’ll want the best engineered siding system available, Structure Siding.  Structure Siding is glued on foam, has significant R values and increases the panel’s toughness and sustainability.  Mastic guarantees this with their lifetime warranty.

Want to design your home yourself?  Check out and get started planning.  Want Best Improvement to digitally design your actual home?  Our salesman, Marcus, has the software to do just that for you!  Contact us today to receive the information and designs for FREE!
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12Best Improvement has been installing and servicing Great Lakes full lifetime warrantied vinyl windows for over 20 years.  With their 6 interior color options, including 4 woodgrains and 9 exterior color options, Great Lakes Windows will make sure to enhance the beauty of your home.

Best Improvement will not install a window that does not meet the Energy Star Approval.  In fact, testing proves that Great Lakes Windows provide hight thermal performance than window made of wood, as well as metal.  Their custom made hardware for each window, and Easy Clean glass, makes it the easiest window in the industry to maintain and operate efficiently.  Great Lakes’ extreme efforts of going green will not only help the environment, but will help you bank account substantially as well.  Your savings on energy will help you get your return on investment in a short period of time!
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18There isn’t one feature that adds curb appeal to a home more than a beautiful new front door.  To add to that, entry doors are the best return on investment on can make to a home.  Pro Via and Best Improvement can help design and install nearly any door you can dream or imagine.  Some options include fiberglass woodgrain doors, as well as taken on paint, which both feature warranties on them!  Also, retractable screens in storm doors are available upon request, at a very affordable price!

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Exterior Remodeling Visualizer

Introducing our newest service we are now offering an Exterior Remodeling Visualizer!  Our staff will help you to visualize your project before any work begins.  The Exterior Remodeling Visualizer allows you virtually apply windows, roofs, siding, trim and doors to your home, in any style or color, but without the commitment.  It will allow you to see what your home will look like before any construction begins.  Visit or call us anytime to learn more 309-764-5100.

Leaf Relief:  “Gutter protection that really works!”

22No need to climb ladders anymore after installing Leaf Relief gutter protection.  This maintenance free product features a 25 year, no clog warranty, and fits any size gutter.  It can also be used with both new and existing gutters.  It fits inside your gutter so it doesn’t affect your roof or ruin your curb appeal.  It’s affordability, especially compared to other products in the market, and convenience makes this one of the best “bang-for-your-bucks” in the home industry.
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